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We provide state-of-the-art freezing ambulance services across Bangladesh. Abu Ambulance provides freezing ambulance services mainly in Dhaka and anywhere in Bangladesh from Dhaka.

লাশবাহী ফ্রিজিং এম্বুলেন্স সার্ভিস

ঢাকার ভিতরে এবং ঢাকা থেকে বাংলাদেশের যে কোন এলাকায় লাশ নিয়ে যেতে ফ্রিজিং এম্বুলেন্স সেবার জন্য দ্রুত কল করুন

Discover the finest freezing ambulance service in Bangladesh, specializing in transporting deceased bodies across the nation from Dhaka. Available 24/7 , our freezing ambulance service ensures your loved one’s remains are handled with utmost care and respect.

Freezing Ambulance Services in Bangladesh, Available Anytime and Anywhere.

Losing a loved one is never easy and especially when it’s unexpected. In such challenging times, ensuring dignified transportation of the deceased becomes crucial. While numerous ambulance services operate in Bangladesh, few offer freezing ambulance services required for long-distance transfers.

What is Freezing Ambulance Service?

A freezing ambulance equippe with refrigeration facilities to preserve the deceased’s body during transportation, essential for long distances or delays.

Why Choose Us?
At  Abu Ambulance Service, we excel in freezing ambulance services across Bangladesh for these reasons:
– Compassionate Handling: We treat each case with sensitivity, understanding the emotional difficulty.
– Round-the-Clock Availability: Available 24/7, we’re ready for any emergency transport needs.
– Expert Team: Our staff is trained to handle deceased bodies with care and respect.
– Advanced Facilities: Our freezing ambulances feature state-of-the-art refrigeration for effective preservation.
– Affordable Pricing: Despite our high-quality service, we maintain competitive rates.

Service Coverage
Our freezing ambulance service operates from Dhaka to all corners of Bangladesh, including:
– Chittagong
– Rajshahi
– Khulna
– Sylhet
– Barisal

Book Now!
In times of loss, timely and respectful transport is paramount. Contact us at [017170178858] or via WhatsApp at [01645500404] to avail of our freezing ambulance services in Bangladesh. We’re here to support you through this difficult period and ensuring your loved one’s journey concludes with care and dignity.

Dead Body Carrier and Lash Bahi Freezing Ambulance Services: Elevating Mortuary Transportation

In the constantly evolving field of mortuary transportation, dead body carrier and Lash Bahi freezer ambulance services are leading the way. These specialized services are designed to handle the delicate task of transporting deceased individuals with the utmost care and dignity. With their advanced freezing technology, they are setting new standards in the industry.

Understanding the “Dead Body Carrier Ambulance” and “Lash Bahi Ambulance”

Locally known as the “Dead Body Carrier Ambulance” or “Lash Bahi Ambulance,” these freezer ambulances are purpose-built vehicles dedicated to the respectful and dignified transportation of deceased individuals.

We conduct each journey, no matter how solemn, with the reverence and honor it deserves. We focus on providing a compassionate and respectful final journey for the departed, ensuring that we handle their last passage with care and dignity.

Comprehensive Freezing Ambulance Solutions

Our freezer ambulance services offer comprehensive solutions for the dignified transportation of deceased individuals.

Each ambulance features a specially designed frozen compartment that maintains the body at a consistent temperature, ranging from -7 to -20 degrees Celsius. This ensures the preservation of the deceased, allowing family and funeral professionals ample time for planning and conducting final rites. If you need a freezing ambulance service, you can contact us at 01710-178858 for reliable and compassionate support.

Pioneering Preservation Technology

The cornerstone of our service is our commitment to providing pioneering preservation technology. Our freezer ambulances feature advanced freezing systems capable of preserving the deceased’s body for extended durations, ranging from several hours to multiple days. This capability offers families and funeral professionals unprecedented flexibility and assurance, allowing for thoughtful and respectful planning of funeral arrangements without the pressure of immediate time constraints.

Innovative Freezer Ambulance Services in Dhaka

Our freezer ambulance services in Dhaka represent the pinnacle of innovative and hygienic transport for deceased individuals. When you need to move a deceased person from one location to another while maintaining their body’s integrity, our cutting-edge service is the ideal choice. We are dedicated to providing unparalleled care and precision, ensuring that your loved one’s final journey is conducted with the highest level of respect and dignity. Our approach not only prevents unpleasant odors but also safeguards against potential viruses, ensuring a hygienic and respectful process.

Personalized and Compassionate Care

We understand the importance of personalization and compassion in handling the deceased. Our services allow families to make arrangements according to their preferences, ensuring that the process respects the dignity and wishes of their loved ones. With our Freezer Ambulance Van, individuals have the flexibility to choose how they wish to preserve their loved ones, offering a dignified and respectful process throughout.

Affordable and Reliable Freezer Ambulance Services

We are committed to offering top-quality freezer ambulance services at competitive rates, ensuring that dignified transport of the deceased is accessible to everyone. Our dedication to affordability does not compromise the quality of service. We provide cost-effective solutions that make us a trusted choice during times of need, allowing families to afford the dignified transportation their loved ones deserve.

If you require the services of our dead body carrier and Lash Bahi freezer ambulance, please reach out to us. We are here to provide compassionate and reliable assistance, ensuring a dignified and respectful final journey for your loved ones. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support you in these difficult times.

Inside of our Freezing Ambulance

Freezing Ambulance

First and Foremost Freezing Ambulance: 

First and foremost, freezing ambulance services maintain the integrity of the deceased during transportation.


 Our Freezzing Ambulance Service are available 24/7 hours.

Cost Effective Freezing Ambulance: 

Cost-effective freezing ambulance services in Bangladesh ensure dignified transportation and preservation of the deceased. They offer peace of mind for families during difficult times. Reliable, compassionate care at a budget-friendly cost.

Preserving Dignity: The Pioneering Freezing Ambulance Service

Best Ambulance Service in Dhaka

In the delicate realm of posthumous care, however, a revolutionary service has emerged. It redefines the standards of transporting the departed with utmost reverence and dignity.

Compassionate Final Journey: Dhaka’s Premier Emergency Freezing Ambulance Service

In the bustling city of Dhaka, Bangladesh, a specialized emergency service stands out for its unique and compassionate approach to handling the departed. This service, an emergency freezing ambulance, is designed specifically to serve as a dead body carrier. Equipped with a state-of-the-art freezing unit, this ambulance ensures the prolonged preservation of a deceased person, maintaining the dignity of the departed for extended periods, whether for hours or even days.

Advanced Technology for Superior Preservation


The key feature of this exceptional service is the integration of an advanced freezing unit. Unlike conventional ambulances, which primarily focus on rapid transportation, our freezing ambulance employs cutting-edge technology. This advanced system preserves the body at optimal temperatures.

This approach maintains the integrity and condition of the deceased, preventing decomposition. It allows family members to arrange ceremonies and farewells without the pressing urgency typically associated with such situations.

A Step Above the Rest

When compared to other ambulance services, the freezing ambulance offers a significant advantage. Traditional ambulances provide efficient speed and medical support. However, they lack the equipment to handle the preservation needs of a deceased body. The freezing ambulance bridges this gap, providing a much-needed service for those dealing with the loss of a loved one. It keeps the departed in a dignified state until their final rites are performed. This offers peace of mind to grieving families.


Caring and Respectful Service


This service is more than just a mode of transportation; it is a symbol of thoughtful engineering and compassionate care. The freezing ambulance represents a commitment to treating every individual with the utmost respect and dignity on their final journey. It acknowledges the emotional and cultural importance of the period between death and burial or cremation, providing a service that respects these traditions.


The Best Freezing Ambulance Service in Dhaka


The emergency freezing ambulance in Dhaka is not merely a vehicle; it is a testament to advanced technology and compassionate service. By ensuring the prolonged preservation of the departed, it allows families to plan and perform farewell rituals without haste. This thoughtful approach makes it the best ambulance service available, setting a high standard for dignity and respect in the care of those who have passed away.


Freezing Ambulance



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